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Here is an overview of all body regions where hair removal with light, laser or needle epilation is possible.

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Overview body regions

Male body hair

Permanent hair removal* for men has now become an interesting topic. It is not only important to have a well-groomed facial hair, but also a smooth and sleek body. The back, abdomen or neck of the man is getting treated more often nowadays with one of the technologies of permanent hair removal*.

Nowadays, the modern man pays attention to removing excessive body hair. Since the alternatives include only shaving and waxing, most men have to deal with skin irritation and ingrown hairs. Unpleasant stubble and fast recurring hair are other problems that come with the conventional methods.

Permanent hair removal* offers the perferct solution to the repetitive process. Almost all areas of the body can be treated with light and laser and bring a great result. Here you get an overview of the body areas that are optimal for permanent hair removal*.

hair removal FACE

Daily beard care can cost a lot of time and money in the long run. Save yourself the time-consuming shaving and simplify your morning routine with permanent* hair removal.
Mann greift sich an Bart

hair removal ARMPITS

The armpits are not only the focus of aesthetics, but also an issue of hygiene. Permanent* hair removal can eliminate unpleasant odors and perfect the appearance.
Mann zeigt seine glatten Achseln

For Men NECK

Especially on the neck and back, disturbing hair growth is visible to others. Get it removed by permanent* hair removal.
man neck

hair removal SHOULDERS & BACK

Hair growth in the shoulder and back area is usually difficult to reach and therefore difficult to remove. Get an appointment for permanent* hair removal for flawless aesthetics.
Mann mit wohlgeformtem Rücken ohne Haare

hair removal ARMS & HANDS

You no longer have to worry about unkempt hands and annoying hair on your arms. We offer you the solution with permanent* hair removal. The treatment is permanent* and provides a well-groomed appearance.
Mann greift mit glatten Händen an sein Jacket

hair removal CHEST & ABDOMEN

Permanent* hair removal with light and laser, can show off a smooth chest and beautifully contoured muscles. Enjoy pure aesthetics every day.

hair removal INTIMATE AREA

The intimate area is considered one of the most sensitive areas of our body and is treated with the necessary discretion and care. The permanent* hair removal ensures a permanent and well-groomed result.
intimate area Man


With permanent* hair removal, you’ll experience a more carefree life, especially in hard-to-reach areas. Trust our innovative and effective technologies.
Mann liegt neben seiner Frau im Bett

hair removal LEGS & FEET

These regions, among others, are the most time-consuming for conventional methods. Athlete or not, benefit from our treatments for permanent* hair removal.
Man legs

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