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Testimonials permanent* hair removal at Haarfreiheit

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Auszeichnung Proven Expert Kundenmeinungen 2023
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Your expert for permanent* hair removal with light in Kaiserslautern.

Through our long-term cooperation with physicians, we can conscientiously answer all your questions about permanent* hair removal at any time. Simply contact us for more information.

We always strive to provide the best treatment for you. Thus, professional staff, which take part in regular training and continuing education, are primarily responsible for you at our institute.

We pride ourselves on always being able to satisfy our customers. We achieve this with the help of our highly qualified staff as well as the always constant professionalism. So feel yourself comfortable just like many other customers.

In order to meet all needs of different skin and hair types, we offer all technologies available on the market. Treatments with IPL, SHR, Alexandrite, diode and YAG lasers are no problem for us. However, we especially recommend the revolutionary XENOgel® Technology.

You can find the institute located in Kaiserslautern at Lutrina­straße, not far away from the Ramstein air base.

Haarfreiheit is the top address regarding the topic of permanent* hair removal. The institute in Kaiserslautern is located in the immediate vicinity of the main train station and is therefore easy to reach. Parking is available directly next to the building.

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XENOgel® Techno­logy hair removal

The inno­vative method of permanent* hair removal with light

Haarfreiheit Kaiserslautern frees you gentle and painless from unwanted hair growth with the help of permanent hair removal. This makes shaving, epilating or waxing belong to the past. You also save a lot of time that you would otherwise have to spend removing the hair.

Best support from your experts in Kaiserslautern

Cooperation partner


The doctor’s team of our cooperation partner has years of experience in the medical field and is therefore the optimal contact for all topics about hair and skin. This opens up a lot of possibilities which make a treatment even more effective.

Professional treatment


Because our staff consists of medical and cosmetic staff, we can offer you an optimal service. Feel well looked after at any time at your expert Haarfreiheit.

Hair removal with light


Because not every hair and skin type are the same, those also require different technologies. To offer you the best service, we offer all technologies using light. Together we will find the suitable technology for your needs.

Opening hours

Our institute is located at Lutrinastraße 27 near the main train station.

Monday8 a.m. – 10 p.m.
Thuesday8 a.m. – 10 p.m.
Wednesday8 a.m. – 10 p.m.
Thursday8 a.m. – 10 p.m.
Friday8 a.m. – 10 p.m.
Saturday9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
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Our team welcomes you to the Insti­tute Kaisers­lautern

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Our specialist staff is NiSV certified!

The NiSV is a regulation for protection against harmful effects of non-ionizing radiation when applied to humans.

Of course, our specialist staff is trained and certified in accordance with this law. The comprehensive training ensures proper handling of technologies and ensures proper responsibility and education on the subject of permanent hair removal by means of light & laser. So you can always feel safe and in good hands with hairlessness.

Trust in our expertise.

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Permanent* hair removal for women and men

Contrary to the common belief that hair removal is exclusively significant for women, it becomes evident that men also place great importance on smooth skin. In today’s times, the idea of acceptable body hair is questioned by both genders. However, the desires and preferences vary when it comes to methods of hair removal.

Women often tend to choose from a wide range of hair removal options, from waxing to shaving to laser procedures. This variety allows them to select a method that best suits their lifestyle based on preferences and requirements. On the other hand, men frequently prefer targeted approaches, such as removing chest or back hair, while often trimming or styling facial hair.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that the decision for hair removal is a personal one, shaped by individual aesthetic ideals and comfort preferences. Regardless of being a man or a woman, the emphasis is on feeling comfortable in one’s own skin and choosing the method that aligns best with personal needs and desires.

Different body areas for permanent* hair removal

Regardless of the body part, it is not mainly the aesthetic aspect that is in the foreground. Often it is much more the hygiene that is decisive for both sexes. Men prefer to have body parts such as armpits, abdomen, chest and back treated, while for women the typical zones include the intimate area, bikini area, legs and armpits. For both, however, there are no limits to permanent hair removal.

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Hair removal methods for the permanent* hair removal

Common methods of hair removal

Well-known hair removal methods, which include shaving or waxing, provide only temporary results and must be repeated on a regular basis. This also means that you have to repeatedly invest a lot of time in it. That is why permanent* hair removal, using light and laser, is becoming more and more popular.

Modern methods for permanent* hair removal

Thanks to the high demand, we were able to optimize an already existing technology for our customers. Thus, we offer the renowned XENOgel® Technology in our institute, which makes every treatment painless and pleasant. We always provide the best results. Another exceptional advantage is the versatility of the method because it is perfectly suitable for all skin and hair types.

Of course, we still offer all other technologies of permanent* hair removal in our institute. Proven methods such as IPL and SHR are available for you to choose from, along with other laser technologies such as Alexandrite, diode and YAG lasers.

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FAQ – fre­quently asked questions about per­manent* hair removal

Do you want to know more about the most common questions? Here are the answers.

Permanent hair removal is often said to be not entirely pleasant. That’s why we were very keen to develop a technology for our customers that is painless. XENOgel® Technology can only cause a slight feeling of warmth on the skin, but this is moderated thanks to the integrated cooling of an applicator.

It depends largely on the particular skin and hair structure, which method is suitable to the optimal degree. This can vary, of course, depending on the type. Therefore, the first step to permanent* hair removal is a free and non-binding consultation in our institute. This way, you can get to know us and convince yourself of our competencies, while our qualified professional staff makes a suitable assessment for you.

Here, the different needs will be taken into account in order to subsequently find the best option for you. Because with us, you will have the opportunity to access any technology available in the industry. Moreover, you will get the chance to ask for all the details and information regarding the treatment process, prices and experience.

The high standards we set for ourselves, allow you the best possible security in all steps of the treatment. This begins with a free consultation, which focuses exclusively on the wishes and needs of our customers.

Only when you have gathered all the desired information regarding the permanent* hair removal and are completely satisfied, we start with the treatment. We primarily use the renowned XENOgel* Technology, which makes your sessions at the institute painless and pleasant. This is available exclusively from us – the experts for permanent* hair removal.

In this procedure we rely on a special crystal gel, which is applied to the respective area of the body at the beginning of the treatment. Subsequently, the applicator thoroughly scans this area, repeating the procedure each time. The continuous repetitions in combination with a skin-friendly low energy evenly heat the melanin in the hair as well as the stem cell tissue. Finally, the nutrient cells of the hair root become desolate and denature, which contributes to the effect of permanent* hair removal.

No other method is able to provide the best results so effectively.

You don’t have to waste any thoughts on that yet in the first steps to a hair-free body. A first consultation in our institute is of course free of charge and without obligation. After that, you have time to weigh all the factors and make a decision regarding the treatment. However, if you decide against a treatment, there will be no costs.

If we could convince you of the advantages of a permanent* hair removal and you are ready to start the treatment, we will individually determine the costs for you. A rough overview on which you can guide yourself is also available on our website.

Similar to the costs, no blanket statement can be given for the number of sessions. How often you need to repeat the treatment depends entirely on your skin and hair type. Basically, we calculate with an average of 8 to 10 sessions for a satisfactory result. The treatments are to be repeated at intervals of 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the body region being treated.

It is necessary to comply with the time slots as much as possible, as this helps to achieve an optimal result of permanent* hair removal. In case of non-compliance with the appointments, it may happen that more sessions than planned at the beginning, are necessary. However, this also individually depends on the customer and their respective predispositions.

As a company, we do not believe in compulsory contracts and our customers appreciate that. As a matter of principle, you pay for the respective treatment according to the service used. This usually happens directly after your session and thus helps you to keep track of your expenses. You do not have to pay in advance at Haarfreiheit.

If, for whatever reason, you have to end the treatment at our institute prematurely, the payments will also end. You only pay for what you receive from us in return.

In addition we offer our customers the payment of the treatments in installments. Of course, we will accommodate you from an amount of 50€ per treatment. We will be happy to advise you on this point at a first and free appointment. Arrange your individual consultation now to get more information about it.

We are specialized in providing you with the best treatment results. However, we can only do this if we also employ only the best staff. Therefore, you will find in our institutes trained professionals with medical or cosmetic background, which can provide you with the best service, on the path of permanent* hair removal.

TV celebrities’ opinions about the
permanent hair removal at Haarfreiheit

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Josua Maria

“My experience with hair removal – mega awesome! – Since the first treatment, I started with my armpits (…) I never shaved again. I did it every 4 weeks and I always checked it, but almost nothing grew back. I don’t feel like shaving anymore. Even when I was on holiday, I didn’t have to shave. Less and less from session to session (…) and that saves time and nerves. ” Josua Maria (26): TV-Celebrity “Love Island”, Influencer

Celebrity Background Aurelia
Portrait Aurelia Foto
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Aurelia Lamprecht

“I shaved normally before that, but it always grew back very quickly – so it wasn’t the best thing. I’ve had my legs and armpits lasered (…) and I’m actually already completely hairless (…) which is also a huge quality of life for me – because it just makes a huge difference and as a tip I’d just say that you shave two days before and then always cremate well and in any case you don’t have to be afraid – it doesn’t hurt.” Aurelia Lamprecht (25): TV-Celebrity “Love Island”, Influencerin

Portrait Iris Klein
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Iris Klein

“It really didn’t hurt, there was a gel over it and there are also different stages. We started with the smallest step and then increased and after the second treatment the hair was already less and after the 8th treatment I was off with hair.” Iris Klein (55): Mother of Daniela Katzenberger and Jenny Frankhauser, Influencerin

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Portrait Peter Klein
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Peter Klein

“Nobody/ no man have to be ashamed, so if you have hair and want it gone, either you take on the annoying procedure of shaving or (…) you get professional help and go to someone who removes it permanently – that’s the better way in my eyes. You want to look good.” Peter Klein (63): Self-made man, Craftsman from Mallorca, Influencer


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