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XENOgel® Technology Hair Removal

innovative photoepilation technology

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effective & painless hair removal using light

State-of-the-art technology combined with crystal gel

XENOgel® Technology is a technology based on years of experience in the field of hair removal with light. The combination of the most modern technology with a skin-friendly crystal gel offers a revolutionary achievement. This way an effective and skin-friendly hair removal with light is possible.

Therefore, tedious daily procedures such as shaving can be a thing of the past. Especially in places that are difficult to reach shaving can be very annoying. Even long-term methods such as epilating or waxing are also no longer necessary. With the help of XENOgel® Technology and our professionalism, we offer you a hair-free future.

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The XENOgel® TECHNOLOGY – Professionalism & Effectiveness

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How does the XENOgel® Technology work?

Innovative removal of hair

The latest method of getting rid of annoying hair growth on almost any part of the body is permanent* hair removal with light. There are many different technologies in this field. XENOgel® Technology in particular has proven to be innovative and progressive.

For some time now, hair removal with light or laser has emerged to be the best method for removing hair. The XENOgel® Technology is suitable for almost every skin and hair type due to its skin-friendly method. It is also possible to treat sensitive skin, because the crystal gel not only optimizes the light effect, it also cools the skin pleasantly and reduces skin irritation.

Difference to other technologies

Other technologies, such as the IPL technique, use almost exclusively the dye melanin to reach the hair root. Since this dye is also present in the skin, special care is required when using the IPL technique so that the skin is not injured. In addition, a treatment of gray or lighter hair with the IPL method is rather difficult.

Using XENOgel® Technology, in comparison, only 50% of the energy of the light is absorbed by the melanin of the hair. The remaining 50%, however, act on the stem cells of the hair. These in turn are responsible for supplying the hair with nutrients. The proteins of the stem cells are denatured by the heat of the light, which in turn means that hair can no longer be supplied with nutrients and has no chance of growing back.


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