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Regarding hair removal, the term laser hair removal is often used. This is a collective term for all technologies that work with the help of focused light.

This is often referred to as laser hair removal. This is, however, a collective term for all hair removal methods using light. However, laser hair removal refers only to hair removal with focused light. In particular, we are talking about the diode laser. This laser works on a constant wavelength of 808nm and is also available at the Institute Kaiserslautern. By using bundled light, each hair root can be treated individually.

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Protein is the essential component of hair growth and the target of laser technology. The laser denatures the protein compounds and deprives the hair of its basis for growth.

With the constant wavelength of 808nm, the light energy can be optimally transported to the hair root and unfold there. The light is bundled and thus acts precisely on the affected area.

The energy of the light is converted into heat at the root and causes denaturation of the proteins. The hair can no longer grow due to the lack of nutrients. The remaining hair then simply falls out.

The laser light of the diode laser enables a targeted and precise treatment of the affected area. This in turn means that areas of the skin other than those with the hair shaft are not hit by the laser light at all. The melanin located in the skin is therefore not be affected at all.

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There are a few things to consider before starting a diode laser treatment. Already 4 weeks before the planned first treatment appointment you should refrain from waxing, epilation or sugaring. The reason for this is that with these mechanical procedures the hair is torn out together with the root. However, the light needs a conductor to reach the hair root which is only possible via hair.

However, shaving is recommended, because then the skin can calm down before the appointment. Shaving is different in that the hair is only cut off superficially, so the lower part remains in the skin and can transmit the light of the laser.

Pigmentary changes in the skin and tattoos are, however, omitted or covered, as these areas could react to the heat. Therefore, these areas must be omitted during treatment.

Care instructions

It may happen that, red spots appear after the treatment, because the skin can react irritated with the treatment. Usually these symptoms subside again after 1 – 2 days. If this is not the case, please contact us immediately and arrange a control appointment.

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