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The technology

What is SHR?

SHR is an abbreviation for “super hair removal”. It is a modern and innovative technology for permanent* hair removal. In this case, SHR is not a specific name of a product, but rather a certain procedure for hair removal with light. As with other technologies the SHR technology works with scattered light. This is an essential difference to laser hair removal, which works with focused light. First of all, this is a significant difference from laser hair removal, which works with focused light. By scattering the light, a relatively large area of the body can be treated with one light flash. This speeds up the treatment and gives you more time to do other things.

The technique itself works with a wavelength of 690 nm. The applicator, which is equipped with sapphire glass, is very gentle on the skin. In addition, a water filter is used to filter out unwanted wavelengths of light. Through the targeted use of 690 nm the surrounding areas of the skin are not heated up and therefore remain protected from the heat.

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SHR Features


The technology of SHR hair removal differs from other methods in that there is a constant temperature of 45° Celsius on the hair. This is achieved by continuously moving the applicator back and forth on the affected area of the skin and therefore the hairs are constantly heated. This ensures that the procedure is both gentle on the skin and effective at the same time. Skin irritation is reduced as a result. The process also requires less energy, which means that the treatment is painless.

In contrast to the IPL technique, only 50% of the energy of the light is absorbed by the pigment melanin, which is found in skin and hair. The remaining half acts on the stem cells of the hair, where it is converted into heat. Proteins denature at a temperature of 45° Celsius. These in turn are responsible for supplying nutrients to the hair. Once denatured, the hair in question can no longer be supplied with nutrients, which means it cannot grow back.

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to consider


Even though the treatment is painless and gentle, in individual cases irritated skin may occur. However, shaving also causes irritation of the skin. To prevent the two from complementing each other, we recommend that you shave the skin one day before the respective treatment. This way, the skin can already calm down overnight. Waxing, epilation or sugaring should generally be avoided for 4 weeks before the first treatment. This is because the hair is torn out together with the root. This is essential for a treatment, because the light moves along the hair.

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Since tattoo ink can react to heat, these areas are omitted from the treatment so that they do not react. In this respect, we do not want to take any risk for your health and additionally cover the tattooed areas as a precaution.

However, some people also have hair in the tattooed areas. These should of course be removed permanently*, but how? For this purpose, there is needle epilation, which we also offer. In this way, unwanted hair can also be removed in the tattoo area.


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