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The technology

Skin-friendly and effective technology in Kaisers­lautern

The alexandrite laser is also often associated with tattoo removal, as it is used more often there. It can also be used for pigment disorders. The technique is used in Kaiserslautern with a wavelength of 755 nm for permanent* hair removal. In this process, the targeted use of the laser beam denatures the protein that is responsible for the growth of hair. More precisely, this is located in the hair roots. After the protein bonds have been broken down, the hair can no longer be supplied with nutrients and therefore no longer grows back.

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Sunbathing or visits to the solarium should be avoided before treatment with the alexandrite laser. This concerns a period of about a month. Since the alexandrite laser works with high energy and the concentrated light acts intensively on one point, there can be a risk of burns on tanned skin.

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You should also avoid epilation, sugaring or waxing for 4 weeks. In these methods of hair removal, the hair is pulled out along with the root. However, the hair below the skin is necessary for treatment, so that the light can travel along it. In addition, do not use depilatory creams. Shaving, on the other hand, is recommended because it allows the skin to calm down before the treatment. During a facial treatment, refrain from applying makeup.

The alexandrite laser in Kaiserslautern has a cooling system. This means that anesthesia of the skin is not necessary, since the integrated cooling system greatly reduces heat development on the skin. Any redness that may occur should subside after a few days. If this is not the case, please contact us directly and arrange a control appointment.

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General information about hair & alexandrite laser

Hair Growth Cycles

The growth cycles of the hair have a great influence on the treatment. This is because a treatment in which the light has to reach the hair roots requires an active connection of the hair to the root. Each individual hair has its own growth cycle, going through several cycles. The important phase for hair removal with light is called the anagen phase or growth phase. In this phase, the hair has an active connection to the hair root. The light can pass along it to the hair root.

Only about 10% of the hairs are in the active phase at the same time. For this reason, several treatments are necessary until each hair has been reached in the active phase. The interval of 4-8 weeks, depending on the body region, must therefore be observed. Because depending on the body region, other hairs are in the active phase after 4-8 weeks.

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To consider

A good result is best achieved with the alexandrite laser on dark hair and light skin. The reason for this is the distribution of the pigment melanin in the skin and hair. Light skin contains less melanin, so the light is not absorbed as strongly here. With dark skin or dark hair, the melanin concentration is higher, which can absorb the light much better. So if the skin is light and the hair is dark, the energy of the light is absorbed exactly where it should go. Into the hair.

Once the light has arrived there, it ensures that the proteins warm up. So much so that they denature. In this solid form, the protein can no longer be a source of nutrients for the hair. It is carried away by the macrophages due to its inoperability. The hair can no longer grow back due to the lack of protein.

Thick and dark hair is the best condition for the alexandrite laser. Melanin is the target of the technique, because it ensures that the light is able to travel along to the hair root. Independently of this, however, darker skin and hair types can also be treated. The energy is reduced accordingly so that burns cannot occur.

Find out more about the alexandrite laser in Kaiserslautern during your individual consultation. Decide afterwards whether the alexandrite laser is the right technology for your skin and hair type.


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