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Smooth skin and the great feeling that comes with it has never been as easy and pain­less as it is with Haar­frei­heit

It is precisely for this reason that hundreds of customers trust us with their skin every year and allow themselves to be treated professionally by our medical staff. It is important to us that our employees are always up to date with the latest technology and treatment methods.

Read some of the experiences customers have had with our first-class service and professionalism.

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The individual experiences of our customers

“For the money, which cost the treatment of my desired areas, I could have bought myself disposable razors of course. But first of all, I do not think that this is good for the environment and apart from that, I am so glad to not have to shave all the time anymore. I save so much time and that is great. Thank you!” – (Mirjam G. 26, Baden-Baden)

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“Shaving in certain private areas has been a part of my regular routine for a long time. This meant not only a lot of wasted time, but also due to my skin condition constant ingrown hair, which went along with unsightly red pimples. Apart from the fact that, it did not look very nice it was also a very bad feeling. Therefore I had to find an alternative, because the hair bothered me a lot. As a result, I came across the Haarfreiheit Karlsruhe and had arranged a free consultation immediately. This and the subsequent treatment with the XENOgel method has absolutely convinced me. No more ingrown hair and still smooth skin, a dream.” (Estelle K. 34, Karlsruhe)

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“I am rarely enthusiastic, but here I am completely blown away. The staff is super friendly and treis very hard to answer all my questions. Therefore I found out that the professionalism mentioned here is accurate. The treatment itself was comfortable as well. No pain and most important, there were no hairs on my legs anymore after the treatment was over. I’m happy every time I look at my legs and notice that the hair doesn’t grow back, when during summer time I want to go swimming or to the sauna.” – (Deborah N. 29, Pforzheim)

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“I’ve been going to the gym on a regular basis to get a little bit fitter and also to look a little bit better, for several years now. Even though one or the other muscle is now visible, I still had problems walking around without a shirt on at the pool. Unfortunately I have excessive hair growth in the area of the shoulders, chest and back. I often used a razor and even tried waxing, but of course my hair always came back. I decided to try a treatment at Haarfreiheit Karlsruhe and was quite astonished when no hair came back. Not after 2 days and not after 4 weeks. The consultation and the service were just great.” – (Thomas D. 37, Pfinztal)

Experiences of TV celebrities

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Portrait Josua
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Josua Maria

“My experience with hair removal – mega awesome! – Since the first treatment, I started with my armpits (…) I never shaved again. I did it every 4 weeks and I always checked it, but almost nothing grew back. I don’t feel like shaving anymore. Even when I was on holiday, I didn’t have to shave. Less and less from session to session (…) and that saves time and nerves. ” Josua Maria (26): TV-Celebrity “Love Island”, Influencer

Celebrity Background Aurelia
Portrait Aurelia Foto
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Aurelia Lamprecht

“I shaved normally before that, but it always grew back very quickly – so it wasn’t the best thing. I’ve had my legs and armpits lasered (…) and I’m actually already completely hairless (…) which is also a huge quality of life for me – because it just makes a huge difference and as a tip I’d just say that you shave two days before and then always cremate well and in any case you don’t have to be afraid – it doesn’t hurt.” Aurelia Lamprecht (25): TV-Celebrity “Love Island”, Influencerin

Portrait Iris Klein
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Iris Klein

“It really didn’t hurt, there was a gel over it and there are also different stages. We started with the smallest step and then increased and after the second treatment the hair was already less and after the 8th treatment I was off with hair.” Iris Klein (55): Mother of Daniela Katzenberger and Jenny Frankhauser, Influencerin

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Portrait Peter Klein
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Peter Klein

“Nobody/ no man have to be ashamed, so if you have hair and want it gone, either you take on the annoying procedure of shaving or (…) you get professional help and go to someone who removes it permanently – that’s the better way in my eyes. You want to look good.” Peter Klein (63): Self-made man, Craftsman from Mallorca, Influencer

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