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Smooth skin and the great feeling that comes with it has never been as easy and painless as it is with Haarfreiheit.

It is precisely for this reason that hundreds of patients trust us with their skin every year and allow themselves to be treated professionally by our medical staff. It is important to us that our employees are always up to date with the latest technology and treatment methods.

Read some of the experiences patients have had with our first-class service and professionalism.

“Of course, I could have bought disposable razors for a long time for the money that the treatment of my desired areas cost. But first of all, I don’t think it’s great for the environment and apart from that I’m really happy not to have to shave at all. I save so much time, that’s great. Thank you! “- (Mirjam G. 26, Baden-Baden)

“Shaving in certain private areas has been part of my everyday routine for a long time. For me, this not only meant an increased expenditure of time, but also constantly ingrown hairs due to the nature of my skin, which were accompanied by unsightly red pimples. Apart from the fact that, as I said, it looked ugly, it left a very uncomfortable feeling. So an alternative had to be found, because hair bothers me a lot here. Then I came across Haarfreiheit Karlsruhe and, because of the free consultation appointment, I had an appointment right away. This and the subsequent treatment with the XENOgel procedure absolutely convinced me. No more ingrown hairs and still smooth skin, a dream. “- (Estelle K. 34, Karlsruhe)

“I am seldom enthusiastic, but here I am completely blown away. The staff is super friendly and tried very hard to answer all of my questions. As a result, I was able to establish that the professionalism mentioned here really corresponds to the truth. The treatment itself was also very pleasant. No pain and most important of course, no more hair on your legs after the treatment. I am now looking forward to the summer, the swimming pool, the sauna or just every time I look at my legs and notice that no more hair is growing back. “- (Deborah N. 29, Pforzheim)

“For several years now, I’ve been going to the gym regularly to just get a little fitter and also to look a little better. Even if you can now see one or the other muscle well, I always had problems walking around in the swimming pool with my upper body bare. Unfortunately, I have a relatively strong hair growth in the area of the shoulders, chest and back. I often picked up the razor and tried waxing, but unfortunately the hair kept coming back. I then decided to have a treatment at Haarfreiheit Karlsruhe and was amazed when no more hair grew back. Not after 2 days and not after 4 weeks. The advice and the service around it were simply great. – (Thomas D. 37, Pfinztal)

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