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Needle epilation, also called electroepilation, is a method of permanent* hair removal. The basis of the technology is electricity, which is delivered to the hair root through a needle.

Process of treatment

Beforehand, the fine needle is guided into the hair channel until it reaches the hair root. This must be inserted into each hair canal individually. Once at the hair root, an electric pulse is delivered, which affects it in such a way that no more hair can grow back. The great advantage with this technique is that it does not require a specific hair color. This means that even white hair can be treated.

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Needle epilation details

Why do hairs regrow over and over again?

Hair is biologically designed to grow back. Much to the annoyance of daily shaving. This is because hairs have not only become non-functional over time, but also interfere with an aesthetic appearance. Therefore, they must disappear. But what exactly causes hair to grow back again and again in the first place? It is the hair roots. These are supplied with nutrients and allow the hair to grow. If the hair roots are affected with electricity, you can no longer grow hair.

Areas of application

The technique is so delicate that application for permanent* hair removal is possible on almost any part of the body. Each hair must be treated individually. Therefore, in combination with the delicate technique, almost every part of the body can be reached. Another advantage is that the technique can also be used if the body area in question has a tattoo. This is because the needle is pushed directly into the hair canal and thus past the tattoo. Therefore, the tattoo cannot be affected during the treatment.

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To consider

Before starting the treatment

Unlike the light techniques, the hair requires a certain minimum length in order for electroepilation to be performed. This is because in this procedure, each hair must be treated individually and thus has to be visible. Of course, this is only successful if the hair is also recognizable. Therefore, the length of each hair should be about 2-3 mm, so that our specialist staff can recognize it.

For this reason you should also refrain from waxing and epilating, at least about 4 weeks before the treatment. This is because the hairs are pulled out with the root and need another 30 days until they have grown back.

Furthermore, it is important to know that the hair is in the active phase. Therefore, the growth cycle must be observed here as well. The cycle makes several treatments necessary.

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After the start of treatment

Relax your skin for about 72 hours after the treatment, as the skin can be very irritated then. In order for it to recover, you should refrain from sunbathing or visiting a solarium. This is because UV radiation also ensures that the skin is exposed to irritation. Usually the redness subsides after a certain time. If it does not subside noticeably within a day, contact us for a follow-up appointment.

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