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Get to know more about all the common methods of permanent hair removal* we offer.

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The revolutionary XENOgel® technology

Does shaving your legs or armpits every day drive you crazy and wouldn’t you rather invest the time in other activities? We can help you banish the annoying procedure from your everyday life forever – along with the great side effect of a hair-free body.


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Innovative and permanent solution for a hair-free body

The technology combines a new and specially designed crystal gel with the best possible photoepilation method.

Melanin is a pigment which is hidden in the hair all over the body. This is also the basis for XENOgel technology. Thanks to melanin, the light pulses emitted by the method can be transported directly to the hair root. This process generates heat, which is able to denature the stem cells contained in the hair roots. At the same time, this prevents the supply of nutrients and results in the prevented regeneration of the hair.

The crystal gel supports this effect and at the same time cools the treated skin. So, you do not have to worry about pain.


Simple, painless and always effective – that’s XENOgel technology. A hair-free body, even in the most sensitive areas, is therefore no longer a problem for you. We will help you to achieve an optimal result.


To achieve the best results, shaving the day before the treatment is recommended. Shaved areas of the body support the results of the methods. However, be sure to avoid other hair removal methods for a certain period of time. Your last waxing appointment or epilation should be at least 4 weeks in the past. It is of great importance that an existing connection between the hair root and the hair is active. This is the only way to achieve the best and most effective result of your treatment.

The well-known IPL method

Of course, we also offer this popular and well-known technology.


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Hair removal with IPL

Pure light enables permanent hair removal* with IPL technology. It can easily reach any part of the body, which makes the IPL method a popular option for permanent hair removal*.


A great advantage of IPL can be seen in the generosity of the light spectrum. Thus, especially larger skin areas can be treated with ease. Of course, this results in shorter and lower cost treatment. The device can of course be adapted to the individual needs of the customer.

Special features of IPL

Especially light or even gray hair usually lacks the pigment melanin, which is why IPL treatment cannot provide the best results here. On the other hand, however, the problem with dark hair is not given and the results are great.


Shaving the treated body region one day before your appointment at Haarfreiheit Kaiserslautern, is also explicitly recommended. Only this way photoepilation with light and laser can provide optimal results. However, remember to cancel your appointments at the waxing studio. At least four weeks in advance you should also refrain from methods such as sugaring or epilation. This way we can make sure that the results after your treatment with us are the best.

Permanent hair removal* using SHR technology

Combines the latest research in permanent hair removal* with the well-known and popular SHR method.


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SHR technology and permanent hair removal*

“Super Hair Removal”, also abbreviated here as SHR, is actually a revolution in the field of permanent hair removal*. Common methods in this subject, which we also offer, usually work with focused light. With SHR, however, this is not the case, because here unconcentrated radiation is sent from the applicator. In addition, an anti-reflective sapphire glass is installed here, which can filter out light in the infrared range.


SHR technology, in contrast to other permanent hair removal* options, requires 50% of the radiated energy alone. The advantage here is clearly in the way light energy is transferred to the stem cells. It affects them evenly and at the same time takes into account the melanin in the hair. Consequently, the nutrient supply is affected and the hair does not regenerate.

Special features of SHR

It is not advisable to treat areas of the body with SHR that are tattooed. The heat generated during this treatment affects the color pigments in your tattoo and can negatively influence it. The only option here is to cover the area in question for the treatment and thus protect the tattoo. It will not be affected in any way.


Of course, an existing connection between the hair and the hair root is also of great importance. Therefore, we always recommend refraining from waxing, sugaring or other temporary hair removal methods at least four weeks before your appointment with us. However, shaving the day before is a MUST for optimal results.

Focused light thanks to the DIODE LASER

Of course, in our proposed options for permanent hair removal, you will find the proven technology of the diode laser.


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Diode Laser

Rely on the diode laser

The 808 diode laser is, of course, also part of the variety of technologies we offer in the field of permanent hair removal. With this method, the light is emitted with a wavelength of 808 nm and projected onto the skin.


A great advantage of this method is the explicit accuracy of the treatment. Thus, this method can be used especially for hair removal on the face or neck. In this process, the hair follicles are heated up to a temperature of 72 degrees and the laser pulse destroys the connection to the hair.

Special features of the diode laser

With the help of the specific wavelength of 808 nm, it is possible to treat the respective hair with pinpoint accuracy. Since the laser beam hits only a specific point of the skin, the surrounding areas of the skin are not affected.


It makes sense to shave the respective area a day before. This not only allows the treatment to take place, but also allows the skin to calm down overnight. Since the treatment itself can also irritate the skin, this procedure spreads the irritation of the skin over several days and is therefore more tolerable.

ALEXANDRITE LASER also uses focused light

As the name suggests, the alexandrite laser also belongs to the field of hair removal methods using laser technology. Together with two other lasers, the alexandrite laser is also offered as a hair removal method in Kaiserslautern.


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Permanent hair removal* by means of alexandrite laser

The wavelength of the alexandrite laser is set at 755 nm. Depending on the corresponding skin and hair type, this laser can be used with pinpoint accuracy and thus effectively in the relevant body region.


This technique is not only used for hair removal with laser, but also for the removal of unwanted tattoos. In addition, it can also be used for the treatment of pigmentation disorders and therefore has a wide range of applications in the field of aesthetics.

Features of the alexandrite laser

Unlike other light technologies in the field of permanent hair removal*, the alexandrite laser can also be used effectively on light or reddish hair.


Again, epilation should be avoided when treatment is about to begin. As with all technologies using light, a succesful treatment requires the hair to travel to the root. Shaving, on the other hand, is recommended so that the skin can calm down a bit before the treatment.

The modern ND:YAG-LASER

Another technology based on focused light.


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Permanent hair removal* with the ND:YAG laser

Among many other technologies for hair removal with light, ND:YAG laser is another advanced technology. Here, the name is an abbreviation which stands for neodymium-yttrium-aluminum-garnet laser. With its focused light, it works on a wavelength of 1064 nm. The melanin of the hair reacts very well to this specific wavelength range.

Features of the YAG laser

The laser is Q-switched and therefore particularly gentle to the skin. The treatment is therefore both effective and gentle on the skin. The specific wavelength of 1064 nm makes the laser very suitable for dark skin types.


Shaving is also highly recommended here. This allows the skin to already calm down before the treatment. Experience thereby a very effective treatment and the possibility of optimal skin tolerance.

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