Technologies for hair removal
in Kaiserslautern

Get to know more about all the common methods of permanent* hair removal we offer.

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The revolu­tionary XENOgel® Techno­logy

Does shaving your legs or armpits every day drive you crazy and wouldn’t you rather invest the time in other activities? We can help you banish the annoying procedure from your everyday life forever* – along with the great side effect of a hair-free body.

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The well-known IPL method

Of course, we also offer this popular and well-known technology.

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Permanent* hair removal using SHR techno­logy

Combines the latest research in permanent* hair removal with the well-known and popular SHR method.

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Focused light thanks to the DIODE LASER

Of course, in our proposed options for permanent* hair removal, you will find the proven technology of the diode laser.

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As the name suggests, the alexandrite laser also belongs to the field of hair removal methods using laser technology. Together with two other lasers, the alexandrite laser is also offered as a hair removal method in Kaiserslautern.

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illustration ND:YAG-Laser

The modern ND:YAG-LASER

Another technology based on focused light.


Electrical energy against hair with the NEEDLE EPILATION

A needle that works with a current is the basis of this technology

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