IPL hair removal

intense pulsed light

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treatment with IPL

The technology behind IPL

IPL is an abbreviation that stands for “intense pulsed light”. It represents one of the most well-known procedures for permanent* hair removal with light. The light used is not bundled, which is why the light rays are distributed over a larger area of the skin. Through different filters, different wavelengths can be used, which can then suit different skin and hair types.

The flash lamp devices used in the IPL technique emit short pulses. The duration is only 200 to 300 milliseconds. The energy thus generated 12 to 120 joules per square centimeter.

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How does IPL work in the body?

Processes in the body

The central principle of the IPL technique is heat. This acts on melanin, a pigment which occurs in the hair. It absorbs the energy of the light well and ensures that it is transmitted to the hair root. The energy transforms into heat to a level of about 72° Celsius. At this temperature, the proteins responsible for nourishing the hair denature. As a result, the hair can no longer grow and does not regenerate.

Due to the advanced IPL technology larger areas of the body can be treated. This is different from laser hair removal, where the treatment is usually performed on a small area.

Duration of the IPL treatment

With the help of the scattered light of the IPL applicator, the skin area is evenly heated. This does not take long, therefore a treatment is also carried out within a foreseeable period of time. Hence, you can ideally incorporate a treatment into your daily routine. Of course, the exact duration of the IPL treatment in Kaiserslautern also depends on the chosen body region.

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body regions for a permanent hair removal* with IPL

During a treatment, a large body area can be treated thanks to the unfocused light, saving time and money. Additionally, treating multiple body areas is possible, as the treatment requires minimal time. With the low-pain technology, the treatment can be seamlessly integrated into your daily routine.

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Treatment & Safety with IPL

Treatment procedure

Since IPL technology works with different wavelengths, the appropriate filter is placed on the applicator depending on the skin type. Then the head of the handpiece is placed on the affected part of the body and the energy in the form of light is emitted onto the skin. The light then travels through the hair to the hair root. In a further step, the handpiece is then placed on the neighbouring body region and the process is repeated.

Hair and skin types for IPL

The different filter attachments allow the different wavelengths to be reached. This ensures that many different skin and hair types can be treated. However, in the case of light and reddish hair, this technique reaches its limits. In this area, however, needle epilation in our institute Kaiserslautern is highly recommended.

Certified safety in Kaiserslautern

Surely you feel the same way. If you trust your skin to technology, then it has to be the best technology, and above all, it has to be safe. This is absolutely understandable and we feel the same way. For this reason, we not only offer you the most modern technology, but also ensure that it is constantly maintained. So that you can feel safe, the devices are subject to strict safety requirements.

The operating and correct application of the technology is also an important aspect for us. For this reason, our specialist personnel are also particularly well trained and receive regular training. This means that possible damage to the skin can be optimally prevented.

You must also be protected from the bright flashes of light during treatment. For this reason, protective goggles must be worn during every treatment. Optimal safety at all times.

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To consider with IPL

Protection before and after the treatment

Before as well as after the treatment, the skin should be protected as well, since the skin is irritated by the light during the treatment. However, in order for your skin to calm down as quickly as possible, it makes sense to avoid intensive sun exposure before and after the treatment. This also includes a visit to the solarium. If you expose yourself to intense sunlight too soon, hypopigmentation may occur.

Growth cycle of hair and IPL

In permanent* hair removal, the growth cycle of the hair plays a significant role. For a treatment to be effective, the hair must be in the active cycle. This means that the hair must be in the growth cycle. In this phase, the hairs have an active connection to the hair root, which is essential for the onward transport of light to the hair root. This cycle changes every 4 weeks, so the treatments should also take place in this cycle. Unfortunately, only about 10% of the hair is in the active phase, so several treatments are necessary before hair can no longer grow back.


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