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YAG-Laser-treatment of hair in Kaiserslautern

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The Techno­logy of the hair laser

General Information about a laser treatment with YAG-Laser

Modern technology in the form of laser technology makes permanent* hair removal with light possible. Hair removal with the help of light has proven to be the most effective way to get rid of unwanted hair growth. And not just temporarily, but permanently*. Another technique offered in Kaiserslautern is the ND:YAG laser.

Here, too, the aim of the treatment is to denature the protein in the hair roots. The protein is responsible for the growth of the hair. The laser transmits the energy of the focused light to the hair root, where it then exert its effect.

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Technical features of the YAG laser

The ND:YAG laser, a solid-state laser, emits high-energy light pulses. Its fixed wavelength of 1064 nm allows for precise treatments. By delivering energy directly to the tissue, unwanted hair is effectively removed. This laser has established itself as an effective technology in permanent hair removal.

Due to the specific wavelength, the light has a precise effect on different types of hair and skin. Due to the selective wavelength, the surrounding blood vessels or tissue cannot be damaged. The wavelength is optimized for the effect of the energy on the melanin of the hair.

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Special features when laser hair with the YAG laser

What types of hair can be treated?

The application of the ND:YAG laser proves to be particularly effective for dark hair. Due to their deeper root placement beneath the skin’s surface, the treatment can be challenging. However, the ND:YAG laser can direct energy to these deeper roots, enabling targeted and effective hair removal. This technology is especially suitable for individuals with darker skin or lighter hair tones, as the laser accurately targets the dark hair while treating the surrounding skin gently.

What needs to be considered regarding hair growth?

The cycle of each hair can be basically divided into 3 phases. A distinction is made between the growth phase, the transition phase and the inactive phase. For optimal treatment, the hair in question must be in the growth phase, because only then there is an active connection between the hair shaft and the root. This allows the light to reach the hair root. In total, usually about 10% of the hair is in the active phase and can be treated.

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Hair laser treatment process in Kaiserslautern

What needs to be considered before the treatment with the YAG-Laser?

Before starting the actual treatment, it is recommended to shave the area in question one day prior. This allows the skin to calm down and prepare for the upcoming laser treatment. Shaving the area optimally prepares the treatment area, allowing the light energy to more efficiently target the hair follicles. This step helps to achieve the best results from the laser treatment while ensuring a comfortable and pleasant experience.

What happens in the body during the YAG-Laser-treatment

The innovative device emits targeted laser beams onto the skin, which are absorbed by the hair. The melanin contained in the hair, the natural pigment, absorbs the energy from the light and conducts it to the root. Here, the light energy is converted into heat, which in turn denatures the protein contained in the hair follicles. This reaction prevents the regrowth of new hair. This effective process ensures long-lasting hair removal and allows for a smooth and hair-free result.

How does the treatment in Kaiserslautern work?

The handpiece of the ND:YAG laser is placed on the appropriate part of the body and a light pulse is then emitted. Customers often feel a slight tingling sensation. This comes from the energy of light and is normal. Therefore, the skin may turn slightly red but should subside after about two to three days. If this is not the case, make an appointment with us.

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After the treatment

What should you avoid?

You should avoid intensive sunbathing or visits to the solarium. The treatment causes the skin to react to the light energy. It also does this when it is exposed to sunlight or UV radiation. So that this energy does not add up and has a negative effect on the skin and possibly cause pigment spots, UV radiation or other skin irritations should be avoided.


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