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Smooth skin without annoying hair – this is what many women and men dream of. And that on several parts of the body, including the face, back, shoulders and legs. Many have to use the razor almost every day to do this. Stubble occure here after a short time. The situation is different with permanent* hair removal, where there is no need to reach for the razor. The technologies are accordingly specialized in certain hair and skin types. A comparison of all techniques for hair removal can be found here.

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Difference bet­ween depi­lation and epi­lation

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Depilation and epilation in comparison
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Tempo­rary Methods

Depilation – the common tempo­rary hair removal

Depilation is probably the most common method of removing hair on the body. There are various ways of doing this. From a dry razor to a wet shave to a depilatory cream. In all of these techniques, the hair gets cut at the surface of the skin. The hair with its roots remains under the skin and after a short time it grows again and comes to the surface. The all-too-familiar stubble.

Then the process has to be started all over again if the skin should remain smooth. Many incorporate shaving into their daily personal hygiene routine. It is therefore an integral and time-consuming part of daily life.

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Epilation – the longer lasting removal

In contrast to depilation, with epilation the hair is removed by the root. There are also several ways of doing this. This can be done with cold wax strips, warm wax or electrically with the epilator. Unpleasant side effects can occur. The most common is probably reddened and irritated skin.

With sugaring, hair is removed with sugar paste and is more gentle than waxing or epilation. First, the skin is cleaned so that it is free of grease. Then the sugar paste is applied against the direction of hair growth. Then the paste has to take effect briefly and is then pulled off with the hair on it.

After that, hair growth stops for a certain period of time. When the hair is pulled out by the root, it takes time until it can recede and come back to the surface of the skin.

Perma­nent* methods

Perma­nent* hair removal with light

With waxing or epilation, the hair stays away for a long time. But with permanent* hair removal this will not happen in the long term. There are also different methods in the field of permanent* hair removal. Hair removal with light or laser is a very popular and effective method.

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XENOgel® Technology

The innovative XENOgel® Technology protects your skin with the ideal combination of a crystal gel. On the one hand, this optimizes the lighting effect and, on the other hand, pleasantly cools the skin. The hair follicles themselves are heated, but the gel itself cools the skin. This reduces the risk of skin irritation. This combination makes the method both gentle and effective at the same time and offers a real advantage compared to other lighting technologies.

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The IPL method is another method based on light technology. It is also offered at the Kaiserslautern Institute. With this technique, high-energy light impulses are sent to the skin. The melanin in the hair then absorbs the energy and converts the energy into heat. This then gets directly into the hair follicle, to the place where the nutrients are produced. These nutrients ensure that hair can grow. With the help of the heat, the proteins on the hair roots are denatured. The hair can then no longer grow back.

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