Permanent* hair removal for men under the ARMPITS

Aesthetics and hygiene – smooth armpits every day

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Removing armpit hair for men

Smooth underarms for men: Combining aesthetics and hygiene

Underarm hair removal is no longer exclusively for women. More and more men are realizing that smooth underarms are not only aesthetically appealing but can also contribute to improved hygiene. The trend is shifting away from the tedious daily shaving routine towards an effective and sustainable solution for a hair-free zone under the arms.

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Comfort through painless and permanent solutions

Say goodbye to constant shaving and choose a painless and permanent* hair removal method for your underarms. Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies and procedures, it’s possible to efficiently remove unwanted hair under the arms. The treatment is not only effective but also long-lasting, saving you not only time but also boosting your confidence to move freely without worrying about unwanted hair. Enjoy the comfort of a professional solution that simplifies your daily life and gives you a newfound sense of freedom.

Hygienic and aesthetic

A well-groomed appearance is increasingly sought after. Almost every underarm area is burdened with unwanted hair growth. That’s why many men reach for the razor. Constantly growing stubble and itching are the result. This can also lead to small pimples. When the skin comes into contact with deodorant, a burning sensation can occur. Hygiene and aesthetics can be easily achieved with permanent* light-based hair removal. Together with our trained professionals, you have the best combination for consistently smooth underarms.

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Be free in your activities with smooth underarms

You want to go to the beach or to the swimming pool? Armpit hair is both annoying and unattractive to women. So what should you do? You constantly have to shave your armpits. This is restricting, even though it doesn’t have to be. With permanent hair removal* with light, you can easily get rid of annoying underarm hair and enjoy your newfound freedom in a whole new way.

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Enjoy freedom without armpit hair

The advanced XENOgel® Technology offers men the liberating opportunity to painlessly and professionally remove unwanted underarm hair permanently. This innovative method seamlessly integrates into daily life without major disruptions. With a relatively short treatment duration, you regain precious time to invest in more significant activities than dealing with bothersome hair. Experience the freedom to feel confident without the worry of underarm hair and enjoy life to the fullest.


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