Permanent* hair removal on the LEGS

Smooth legs without constant shaving, waxing or epilating. This advantage offers the hair removal with light.

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Hair on the legs

How is leg hair removed so far?

For many years women have been removing leg hair almost every day. The dream of perfect aesthetics through smooth and silky legs comes true. The most used method is still shaving, in the form of either wet or dry shaving. What is the main disadvantage here? The time or the stubble appearing a day later. In addition, there are undesirable side effects. From small pimples to itching. Skin irritations or ingrown hairs are also painful and destroy the aesthetics.

For some women, the unsightly stronger hairs often grow only on the lower legs. This limits the effort of shaving, but does not prevent the unpleasant regrowth. The procedure has to be repeated every time. For other women, the thighs must inevitably be shaved as well, since the noticeable hairs do not stop at the lower legs. This is not only annoying but means a not inconsiderable additional effort with constant need for repetition at the same time.

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Get rid of hair on leg perma­nently*

State of the art techno­logy

Our effective treatments are based on professionalism. We provide you with this through the use of the latest technology and the expertise of professionals. Thanks to cold light technology, our revolutionary techniques are painless and particularly gentle on the skin. We will be happy to advise you in choosing the optimal procedure so that you can enjoy permanently* smooth skin.

Be free in your choice of clothes

It’s annoying when the sun is shining and you’d like to wear a dress or shorts, but new stubble has grown back. Since the time involved in traditional hair removal is often very high, body hair can affect you in daily decisions. With permanent* hair removal, you won’t have to worry about that anymore. Enjoy your visit to the swimming pool or vacation without further restrictions due to body hair.

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Which techno­logy should you choose and which costs arise?

Does the price depend on the techno­logy?

The answer to this question is: No, regarding technologies using light. We can answer this question with no when it comes to lighting technologies. Our greatest concern is that you, the customer, are satisfied. This is only possible if the right choice of technology is made. But which one is best suited to remove annoying hair on your legs depends on your skin and hair type. In order to create better transparency and clarity, the price per treatment is therefore the same for each lighting technology. In terms of price, it is not relevant which technology is used. Qualitatively, on the other hand, it is relevant, because this is the only way to treat the leg hair in a targeted and effective manner.

What is the price?

If you are interested in hair removal on your lower legs, each treatment costs 139€. This price is reduced to 125€ from the 6th treatment on. A treatment of the thighs amounts to 149 € per treatment and is reduced to 134 € each from the 6th treatment on. Benefit from our affordable treatment packages. If you opt for permanent* hair removal on the lower and upper thighs, you only pay 219€ per treatment and 197€ from the 6th treatment on for your entire legs. You can find out the cost of additional packages and body zones on our price page.


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