Perma­nent* hair removal for women in the BIKINI ZONE & INTI­­MATE AREA

Say goodbye to ingrown hair and inflamed skin

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You want a hair-free intimate area?

Smooth skin in the intimate area

The majority of women have been relying on smooth and silky skin in their bikini line and genital area for decades. Most likely you are one of them! Regardless of whether you prefer it for aesthetic or hygienic reasons, a hairy area at this point is certainly not part of the well-groomed appearance of a woman.

Shaving, waxing or epilating pubic hair

When you rely on common methods of hair removal, you often have to deal with redness, irritation and stubble.  Moreover, the result lasts only for a short time. These are some of the reasons why we advise against shaving, epilation and waxing.

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Gentle and stress-free removal of pubic hair

So, especially in the intimate area, we recommend relying on a proven and permanent* solution. Our XENOgel® Technology, for example, removes unwanted hair without any pain, in all the hard-to-reach areas of your body. Of course, without any unpleasant side effects.

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No more annoying hair in the intimate area

Intimate hair removal is easy and effortless

Every woman wants a hair-free intimate area. Thanks to permanent* hair removal and the most effective technologies, this goal has never been so easy to reach. Forget about pubic hair and trust that this problem will never return. Sauna or swimming pool, winter or summer – you will never have to fear again that stubble is visible in your private parts. We will help you achieve long-term results and a new body feeling. Our modern laser and light technologies will free you from all hair, even in places that are difficult to reach with a razor.

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No negative effects thanks to perma­nent* hair removal

You probably know it all too well, those annoying side effects that are always present from shaving or epilation?! Pain, cuts, irritation and redness – all this is unpleasant and stressful, especially in the pubic area. Moreover, the result of such methods keeps its promise only for a short time and you are forced to repeat the procedure.

Procedures such as waxing or sugaring have gained popularity in recent years, but still cannot compete with our methods of permanent* hair removal. Neither in terms of time nor financially, you get an advantage through those methods. Not to mention the pain that such methods cause, especially in the sensitive area of the intimate zone.

We offer you a solution that lets you forget all these annoying side effects.

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A hygienic pubic area

Although the aesthetics in the pubic and intimate area is very important, the hygienic point should not be neglected here above all. Many people are still not aware that bacteria regularly settle in this area and are responsible for unpleasant odors. Furthermore, we also know that possible skin irritations in this area are particularly sensitive to it, which ultimately promotes inflammation.

Therefore, it is important to choose a method that is not only effective, but also safe. In this case, permanent* hair removal is the best option for you and your intimate area.

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